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Way, way back in September Cory & I got the chance to go out & shoot senior portraits for my youngest “sister.” OK, so she’s my youngest sister’s best friend, but she’s part of the family, and she’s sweet, gorgeous and hilarious! Here’s a few of my favorites from her session.

Katie, your a good sport, cause there’s no way I would have picked that caution tape up.  Never listen to Cory. 🙂

It was kind of cool getting to do some after dark shots, we used our car’s headlights for the picture above.

Caitlin – Senior shoot

April 11, 2010

I’m sooo happy for spring, I get pretty antsy during the winter waiting to start shooting again! Today was absolutely gorgeous, blue sky and some lovely golden sunlight.

I got to meet up with Caitlin and her mom for her senior pictures today. Caitlin gets some bonus points today because she wasn’t feeling well & she still put up with us. On top of that I found out she was an “America’s next top model” fan too and I put her through the worst Tyra Banks impression that’s ever been done. 🙂 The poor girl still managed to look gorgeous!

Here’s a quick preview.

2009 Faves

January 6, 2010

It’s the beginning of a new year, so I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite pictures from 2009.

It’s hard to pick my most favorite, but the one at the top of this post certainly makes me smile! 🙂

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season & I hope you all have a 2010 that’s jam packed with awesomey-goodness!

More senior pics

July 19, 2009

What a crazy weekend, I was planning on posting these Saturday, but we had so much going on it didn’t happen. Saturday I met with an awesome bride at Java Java in downtown davenport (my absolute favorite coffee place, the owners, Darren & Debby, have got to be some of the nicest people I’ve ever met  & the coffee is magically delicious). Darren gave me some free tickets to the Putnam, so I took Crystal & Anakin there to get them out of Cory’s way while he worked on our fence. That was fun, I hadn’t been there since I was probably 10, so pretty cool. The kids loved it, they had a whole kids discovery section & we spent probably a good hour just in that section.

Crystal had been bugging me for weeks to go to Tropical Sno, so afterwards we went there (really good, I’d never been there before, but great flavors!), except it was super cold out & we’re sitting outside shivering eating sno cones, great idea. Then we had to run to the home depot, which now that we have a house, in the last month alone I think we’ve gone to one of the 3 home stores about 5 times a week, ridiculous.

Then I met up with some of my friends from the Quad-City flickr group (and some new photographers) for a photowalk downtown. That was a blast, and I got to meet a few new people, I have a few pictures up here if your curious!

Anyways, last weekend I had the pleasure of shooting the lovely Sydney, a soon-to-be senior at  Clinton High School. She’s going to be getting into Biology after she graduates, she’s got a flair for the dramatic, she’s into music and choir. That’s pretty awesome, I get excited to see high school kids involved in so many things, I was a bit of a slacker back then, so I’m in awe! She picked Vandeveer Park & downtown Davenport for her session.

We found out part of the way through the shoot that she’s also into video games (Resident Evil in particular) & horror movies. So when we saw bloody hands on a building window (um a little concerned what they were doing there), we had to do something fun.  This one turned out better than I thought it would, they weren’t showing up to well when we looked at the LCD during the shoot.

I can’t believe she climbed up on this ledge in those shoes, but she told me she was up for anything!

This wall was fitting for her love of music, I think they just finished painting it a few weeks ago, so perfect timing.

Check out the killer shoes, and the awesome scarf, love it!


It’s lucky for me that my husband can read my mind, because I said something like “hey, wasn’t there a musical or something where they had people hanging off  lamp posts or something?”  and he knew exactly what I was talking about, I think it was “Singing in the Rain,” but I’m not sure, he’s outside still working on our fence, so I’m not going to go ask, but anyways, it worked out & we got a cute picture out of it.