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I think I’ve been worried  waiting for this Saturday’s wedding, everyone was predicting rain all week.  Saturday the storm clouds were pretty ominous, but the rain cleared up and Avory & Corey had a fabulous ceremony out at the Wapsi.

You might remember Avory & Corey from their E-session a few months ago.  We did something called light painting (like in the picture above), and they wanted to do it again for the wedding day.  I’m not sure it’s something that I’ll be doing often, because of the logistics, but it was a lot of fun, and the results are pretty cool!

We did try out some new off-camera lighting techniques throughout the evening and I think that is something we will be doing a lot more of.

All in all it was a great wedding, and such a fun group, congrats you two!

I could not believe all the work that went into creating all of the little handmade details. Corey & Avory made most, if not all of the glass centerpieces and decorations. Corey made this lovely cake topper. Avory’s mom also put together all of the floral arrangements. It was all so beautiful!

Carrie and Travis Teaser

September 14, 2009

I’m feeling a bit under the weather, so this one is going to be short & sweet, but look out for a longer post about Carrie & Travis’s gorgeous wedding.

They had some of the most amazing table centerpieces I’ve ever seen.

Carrie surprised Travis with this cute Cubs groom cake.