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Stephanie & Craig – part 2

November 23, 2008

I had to post a few more from Stephanie & Craig’s wedding.


I really love the time before the ceremony, there’s a lot of anticipation going on and it can make for some beautiful documentary style images.

Some of my favorite images from Cory:


They had a gorgeous reception

A few more baby L pictures

November 23, 2008

I’m a sucker for adorable babies, so I had to post a few more.

Yep, he stuck his tongue out at me, how cute is that. 🙂

I’ve been meaning to write some if this for a while now, but it seems like the last couple weeks have just blown by. Autumn is almost over and winter is really setting in. I’ve been crazy busy with work the last few weeks and we’ve had a ton of stuff going on.

Halloween was a blast. We have this huge football rivalry going on. My husband Cory is a huge Green Bay Packers fan, and he’s pretty much alone, everyone else we know are big Bears fans. So every week the guys have phone calls back & forth depending on who’s won. At one point my mom & step-dad Jay bought my son a full bears outfit & got his pictures taken in it. My daughter Crystal is also a Bears fan (although when she started talking my husband got her to say “kick da bears” to everyone), and they write messages back & forth with the fridge magnets. So it was no surprise when my mom, Jay, their son Stephen (who changed before I could get a picture) and even their dog showed up for trick or treating in bears costumes.

Crystal went as a “Bratz cheerleader”, which I wasn’t really excited about, but it turned out pretty cute.

Anakin went as Spiderman. He wasn’t really loving the mask, so he only wore it long enough for me to get a picture. He really liked the jumpsuit though.

Cory went as the guy from the Saw movies (I think it’s Jigsaw maybe?), creepy.

I wussed out this year and didn’t wear a costume for trick or treating, although I did dress up to go out with a few friends later. I don’t normally go out much, but Halloween is so much fun. I love the bizarre crazy costumes people come up with. I was wishing I’d brought my camera the whole time. Shannon took this with her camera phone, yeah we’re dorks. 🙂

Crystal had to get glasses this year. She did pick out some pretty cute frames though, & now she wants to wear them everywhere. Of course if you know any 8 year old girls, you know we had to pick up the “Hannah Montana” case to go with the frames. You can’t go anywhere without seeing some kind of “Hannah Montana” products. Jeez.

We elected a new president, I’m feeling pretty good about it, all though it’s too soon to tell. I’m really excited we live in a country where we can vote, so I get pretty jazzed up when we have an election. Hopefully we can get things going in a positive direction now.

Cory & I recently finished reading Jenny McCarthy’s two books on autism, Mother Warriors & Louder than words. Really informative and inspiring. There is so much research that needs to go into potential treatments for autism, and it’s great to see someone who has the ability to get some of the information out there. We’ve had our son on a Wheat & Dairy free diet pretty much since he’s been diagnosed with Autism, and it’s exciting to hear about some other dietary interventions that might help him out. After the holidays we’re going to be trying some of the interventions she used in the book and hopefully seeing some more improvements. I’m feeling really optimistic about the whole thing. I will say I was a bit disappointed that she didn’t go into more detail about possible treatments, but there is a huge message of hope there & I think that’s what’s important. If you know anyone with autism I really recommend these books & checking out the TACA website.

Baby L

November 16, 2008

I’m a bit behind on posting, I was planning a big Halloween post, but by the time I get to it I’ll probably be behind on a Thanksgiving post. Maybe next week?

I got to take adorable newborn pictures this weekend! Isn’t he a cutie? You might remember his gorgeous momma from her maternity shoot a few months ago. It sounds like he had a pretty rough time making it into the world, but they both got through safely, thankfully.

He’s actually quite a few weeks old, but ironically he now weighs what my son weighed at birth (10lbs, 13oz), so he looked newborn to me. 😀 Congratulations you guys on your new addition!

I just love baby toes, so cute. 😀

I think this was my favorite.