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What a gorgeous day! It was perfect for Jackie & John’s Engagement session, we had a great mix of clouds & sun. It doesn’t hurt to have a gorgeous couple like these two to work with either. They found this gorgeous location on Arsenal Island and we got to go out on there boat. I can’t wait for there wedding in October! I’ll have a bigger description and more photos to post in a few days, but for now here’s a sneak peak!

I rented a fisheye lens for the weekend, I don’t think I’m going to be able to part with it on Monday. 🙁

Aren’t they just the cutest.

I’ve been meaning to post these for a few weeks, but I’ve been so busy!  A friend of mine from college, Lindsey, occasionally model’s for me & for a photography group I’m in.  She’s done it so many times she even has her own gallery on my website! So we had to do some more pictures when she bought this kick-ass costume.  We hooked up with my friend & fabulous photographer Teresa from Wiz of Oz Photography at her studio for this shoot.  This one was a bit of a challenge for me, I don’t usually shoot in a studio setting and it always feels a bit limiting too me. I definitely prefer working on location, but it was fun doing something a little bit outside of my comfort zone.  The shot above took about 10 takes,  (thanks for being so patient Lindsey!).   Thanks again to both Lindsey & Teresa!

I had such an awesome Mother’s Day!  I hope the rest of you mothers did too! Friday Cory got me flowers at work, and Anakin’s school invited all the mother’s in for a special snack served by all the kids. It was so cute, Anakin did such a good job & he made the cutest little flower pot! Crystal got me a super cute heart necklace.  On Sunday I went to visit with my mother. I’m truly blessed to have such a wonderful, caring mother! After visiting I got to go take pictures of a gorgeously glowing Mother-to-be, Cari, and her husband, Kyle, at the QC Botanical Center. What a cute, sweet couple.  I can’t wait for cute baby pictures!  We got so lucky, at one point a cute little bunny rabbit let Cari get up close to him for a picture.

After the photoshoot, Cory & I took the kids out for dinner and a walk afterwords, what a beautiful day!

Cari has got some gorgeous eyes, I think she looks adorable in this picture!

I can’t believe we got the bunny to stay close for this picture!

Such a sweet couple!

Probably my favorite picture from the shoot so far!

I was hoping to get these posted by  Monday because I think Lynsey’s session turned out really great, but I’ve been pretty sick since Sunday night. Actually the whole family has sort of passed it around. Anakin was sick Friday after school & had to miss out on the Juvenile Diabetes Walk on Saturday, and by Sunday night Crystal & I were both feeling awful. Anakin got over it by Monday, and Crystal & I are starting to feel better.  So that was no fun.

Ok, back to the shoot, I met up Lynsey & her boyfriend Eric on Sunday for pictures at one of my favorite spots.  While we were shooting a dog was running around without a leash,  he was really cute, I’m not sure what kind of dog he was (I’m more of a cat person), but Eric went to check on the situation, and when the owners caught him, they were beating the dog! He asked them to stop & the woman looked at him & started whipping the dog.  How awful was that, poor dog.  So he saved the day by calling the police, and a little while later we saw the police come & take care of things thankfully, and hopefully the dog will be placed with better owners.  I get really upset about animal abuse. 🙁

On a brighter note, I think we had an awesome senior portrait shoot, Lynsey is really sweet & so pretty. She has tried so many different things in her life. I think that’s an admirable trait.

This picture makes me feel like “summer”

Doesn’t Lynsey have some gorgeous eyes going on?

This image above & the one at the top of the post were the result of over 30 seperate images combined for some wild lighting effects. The light is a bit more subtle in this picture than in the one at the top of the post.  Thanks for letting me experiment Lynsey!

I’m loving those shades with her dress!