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Some of you may have noticed things look a bit different around here (or if your new around here, wondering why I keep talking about Torrid photo). I decided to change my business name from “Torrid photo” to “Tiffanie Weaver Photography.” Why you might ask? Turns out there’s a clothing store with the name Torrid already, and I don’t want to get mixed up with them. I wouldn’t want any confusion, so I went with something a little more in line with what I want for my business. I will be taking anything with the old name down in the next couple of weeks, but I hope that clears up any confusion in the meantime.

Yep you heard me. First bride to write me an e-mail at (you must live in the Quad-Cities to be eligible) will receive a free Fearless bridal session, an online gallery & a free 8×10.
Not sure what a fearless bridal session is? It’s a super fun fashion session after your wedding, where we can go out without any fear of getting your dress dirty. Rolling around on the beach, jumping into a lake or fountain, or even just posing in some grungy urban settings. Most of the time your dress will be fine after a good dry cleaning, but really it’s just going to sit in your closet anyways, why not make another excuse to wear it again. 🙂 Check out the Trash the dress blog to get some examples. If you have a fun idea you’d like to try, include it in the e-mail, if it’s interesting enough, I might be tempted to take on more than 1 freebie.