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New Couple Welcome

February 24, 2008

Welcoming Stephanie & Craig. They’re getting Married in October 2008. I didn’t get to meet the groom yet, but the bride and her family were very nice. Stephanie and her sister are both involved in creative fields, so I’m excited to see what they come up with. Congrats!

Boudoir Marathon Session

February 17, 2008

I occasionally do tasteful boudoir photography. I understand that there are a lot of women interested in this kind of photography who would prefer a woman photographer, which is the main reason I offer it. If you would like more information about it check out my boudoir site here for more details. In May I have a client offering to split hotel costs with any other interested ladies. All sessions would take place on the same day but spaced out for privacy. I don’t want to give away too many details in public, so if you’re interested e-mail me at

New Couple Welcome

February 17, 2008

Welcoming Michelle & Michael. They’re getting married May 2008 in Vandaveer Park with a reception at the Col Ballroom. I’m very excited Vandaveer is one of my favorite locations, and I’m sure it’s going to be a beautiful wedding. Congrats.


So resolutions, yeah, those haven’t gone so well (oh, come on, I’m not the only one, am I??). I did manage to quit drinking pop, which was suprisingly easier than I thought it would be. I did manage to drop 10lbs, but I’ve slipped quite a few times. Blogging every day, um yeah, that one didn’t go so well (as you can see). So I guess I haven’t done that bad.

I’m still working on getting everything ready for my official business opening on May 1st. Although I had some set backs with logo design, and had to redesign alot of things I’d already called finished. The website is getting closer, and this week I started designing a sample album.

I have just about finished my portrait album. I can’t wait to get it submitted so I can post some images of the finished product. The picture above is my favorite spread in the whole album. That’s my cousin’s daughter, and she is such a blast to photograph, she’s at that age where she is completely comfortable in front of a camera, and this girl is so spunky I don’t think she’d ever be uncomfortable anyways (takes after her mom). I think her mom’s getting some more pictures done of her in a few months, can’t wait. Anyways, I have the rest of the album here. I’ll be putting together a wedding album in a few weeks.

I did get a chance to meet up another photographer (Shannon Colgan) last weekend, she’s become a really good friend of mine over the past few months. She is going to be shooting weddings with me. I’m so stoked about it. Most photographers are really good at seeing things we see everyday and bringing out the extraordinary, things most people will just walk by and ignore. This girl can find things that most photographers will just walk by and ignore. She’s got a totally unique spin on things and I love it. I think she’s going to really bring a different flavor to the table. She’s also won quite a few contests and had some of her work published in the area, and she is awesome at pool. I’ll be working to set her up with her own blog soon, but for now you can check out her flickr stream.