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We journeyed out to Galesburg for Stephanie & Craig’s wedding last weekend. They incorporated some gorgeous fall colors in their wedding too. Love it, fall’s my favorite season. Cory & I got there at bit early and managed to find a few cool looking alleyways to shoot in. I love the top image, it just kind of shows how comfortable & happy these two are together.

I loved this staircase at the church, and it doesn’t hurt that Stephanie’s an absolutely gorgeous bride.

Stephanie sent me an inspirational blog (, check it out, they have some great images and good wedding planning ideas) before the wedding, they had some great images of a couple in the middle of the road for an engagement session, so we tried something similar. I was just happy to have a wedding party willing to let me risk their lives for pictures. Mua ha ha >:)

The DJ had some really excellent lighting going on, which worked really nicely with the gorgeous decorations they had set up for the reception. We had to try a few ambient light images.

I’m going to stop for now with this image Cory took, he’s got an eye for good romantic backlighting.

Ron & Ralisa – Preview

October 26, 2008

I’ve been a bit behind on blog posting, this month has been crazy busy. Ron & Ralisa had a beautiful fall themed wedding at the Milan Community center. It was a beautiful wedding, and I absolutely loved the fall colors. These are a few of my favorites so far.

Ralisa was a gorgeous bride.

I really loved the white tux.


Shannon took this shot through the front windows. I think Ralisa looks like a 40’s style movie star in this.

Ron’s brother gave one of the most emotional toasts I’ve ever heard.

Cory took this during the ceremony

I loved the cool lighting in this shot Cory took.

Jenny & Mike – preview

October 8, 2008

I got to shoot my cousin Jenny’s wedding this weekend. We had a blast, and got some really crazy images. These two are so cute together. Here’s a quick preview of some of the images, I’ll have a more in depth post in a few days.

As promised I managed some time to get Crystal out for her school pictures. My other favorite munchkin Jade (my cousin’s daughter) came along for some pictures too. We headed out to Vandaveer park, and lucked out on the gorgeous autumn weather. I was really loving the bright colors both of the girls had on. Crystal’s obsessed with Hannah Montana right now, so we had to have both the Hannah Montana outfits for the shoot. Jade and her mom love horses, so she’s got cute little horses all over her pink sweatshirt. Love it.

This shot was so difficult Crystal didn’t want to lay down for some reason (found out on the car ride out that there was a really weird bug flying overhead, poor kid)

My favorite picture of Crystal.

She was just chewing on her bracelet, and I thought it was cute.

Isnt’ she a cutie.

This just reminds me of playing in the leaves as a kid (or yesterday, whatever). Too fun

This is the Jade we all know and love, hands on the hips & lots of attitude. 🙂

The whole time they just wanted to make funny faces, these were some of my favorites.

Jade and her mom had places to go, so after we split up after Vandaveer and I took Crystal downtown for some “Rock Star” pictures. I pretty much just let her be her for these pictures.

No guitars were actually harmed in the making of this shot. She just wanted to fake it.