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sweet dreams

Last weekend my friend Rob asked me to take pictures of his newborn niece Lily (They named her after my first car, ok not really, but I’m going to pretend.) , I was so ecstatic. Rob is one of those friends that I’ve had since high school. He’s been around for most of the important moments of my life since then (we were playing Star Wars Trivia Pursuit when I went into labor with Crystal, and yeah we’re dorks, lol) and he’s a really great guy and an awesome friend.

Not only that but his family is awesome, they’re some of those rare people that would make you feel at home even if you’re a complete stranger. When my daughter was about two she used to call Rob’s sister (Brianne) “Girlfriend”, I still am not quite sure why, but it was super cute.

Anyways when I heard newborn I got excited, since my kids are both in grade school and it seems like so long since they were tiny babies. I did however forget how much newborns want to be held, so I almost got my fill of baby holding, almost (Bri, seriously call me if you ever want a sitter for either munchkin!!) . These were some of my favorites.

Look at those cheeks, isn’t she the most adorable baby.

I love tiny toes!

Fun & photogs

March 7, 2008


So I kind of organize a local photography group on flickr, and Sunday we had quite the get together. It’s just usually just a small group of us that get together and go shoot parks or other local attractions. This time we decided to do something a bit different, Shannon managed to get the KWQC station for us to shoot in, and my friend Lindsey modeled for us. We wound up with way more people than usual, and had a blast. I got to meet a lot of cool photographers, made some friends, got some good shots, learned a few things, and probably had too good a time at the bar. I haven’t had a chance to process all of the pictures, but these were some of my favorites of Lindsey.


Bad Ass Lindsey



Not only is she bad ass, but she’s smokin’ hot too.


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