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April 22, 2012

Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2011

Wishing all of you a safe and happy Christmas with your families! Enjoy the holiday season!

California love

July 2, 2011

Sorry for the cheesy title, Cory & I watched Battlefield Los Angeles last night and the songs been stuck in my head.  So, way, way, way back in April, Cory & I flew to San Diego for our very first destination wedding.   Not only was it amazing because we got a chance to fly to California for a wedding, but it was amazing because Brandi is one of my best friends!

Actually, there’s a small group of us (mostly graphic designers and a single IT guy), that on occasion would get together for something called “Broke-Ass.”  For the uninitiated, Broke ass is very cheap wine (the label features a donkey with a band-aid on his booty), I’m not going to lie, it’s not great wine. However, good friends, good food, good music and some awful wine can make for some great times.  We were having one of these lovely nights, a little over a year ago, when Brandi first brought Ernie to meet us all, and surprisingly, we didn’t scare him away, so that was the first sign that he was a keeper!

It wasn’t long before our friend Jay conspired with Ernie to plan a really special proposal for Brandi.  They somehow managed to keep it a secret for months too, shocking with all the wine. 🙂 They used a beautiful piece of artwork our amazingly talented friend Kristin Ertzinger had done, to put out a full page ad in the QC Times.

Of course she said yes, and we were all really excited to get her first text messages back with ring pictures!

So, needless to say, I was pretty excited when they asked me to shoot their intimate wedding in California! I felt like we were really part of the family for the whole wedding,
and it was such a beautiful experience.

Besides being a beautiful emotional wedding, it was also visually stunning,  Luxe Special Events in San Diego did an amazing job with all the details! The gorgeous flowers were done by Organic Elements also in San Diego.

The Ceremony and reception where held at Orfilia Winery, with an after party at The Andaz Hotel. The Winery was absolutely gorgeous.

I mentioned Kristin Ertzinger did the gorgeous drawing for the proposal, she also did a beautiful guestbook tree. I love this concept, this one was beautiful!

Here are a few of my favorite images from the wedding. I’ll eventually be posting some photos from the trip as well.
I want to thank Brandi & Ernie for letting us be a part of their wedding, and for flying us out to San Diego, we had an amazing time out there!

My sister’s wedding

March 21, 2011

Yep, that’s my brother-in-law doing the worm to Vanilla Ice!

I’ve been meening to post these for awhile. My little sister was married back in October, and we are so happy for her and her new husband Brent! The whole night was a blast, although it was a little weird not being the photographer all night. Obviously I still couldn’t put the camera down. They did have my good friend Teresa Ousely of Wiz of Oz Photography to be their photographer. I also had my other good friend Shannon Colgan of  Shaze Impressions running a photobooth for Heather’s reception.

Here are a few that I took, the photobooth shots at the end were taken by Shannon Colgan and processed by me. Had to have one of all the photographer’s, it’s towards the end from the photobooth of me, Teresa, Shannon and Tassy.

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