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Dirt bikes rock!

November 4, 2007

We spent Saturday out in Walnut, IL watching the Midwest VMX dirt bike races all day. It was pretty fun. My father-in-law races. I had never been to anything like this before, and it turned out to be pretty cool. These guys really get into this stuff. It sounds like I’ll be seeing more of these next year, because Cory will be signing up to race next year. For now I have close to 1000 pictures to start editing (don’t expect to see me off of my computer anytime soon). Here are just a few of them.

My father-in-law (Leroy), flying through the air. 🙂

This was a friend of their’s Mark. He and his wife were both really nice, and Crystal really loved their dog Jessi (I gave her the camera and now have like 20 shots of Jessi).

Oh, and this is just here because Bultaco is the funnest word to say.

If you attended the event, or just like my pictures click here to order prints from this race.

More to come.