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I love mornings…

August 29, 2009

If you’re wondering where I’ve been the last few weeks, we’ve had quite the busy month.  My sister, my daughter & I were all born in August, so we had a month of birthdays! I turned 29 this year, not quite used to that yet, but it’s been a good year. Crystal just turned 9, and both the kids started new schools this month, so we’ve been getting them adjusted.  Last night we picked up Crystal’s first Viola, she’s starting orchestra this year (I’ll have to get some pictures up soon). We also had one of my best friends come up from Arizona to stay with us, so it’s been a bit crazy. I’m happy to get back to some photo shoots!

Those of you who know me might be thinking that this blog tittle is a bald-faced lie, and ordinarily you would be right.  I’m not a morning person at all, it might have been partially because of all the night jobs I’ve had over the year, but regardless, I’m not generally cheerful first thing in the morning.  I think all that might be changing though, we did this cutie’s photo shoot bright and early this morning, and the light was amazing.  So pretty I might be forcing myself out of bed early more often!

I probably posted way too many pictures of this little guy, but I couldn’t help it, he’s so adorable! His little smile was just contagious, and he’s at such a fun age, you start to see a bit of a personality emerging, it’s wonderful!

If the above picture didn’t make you smile, you might be a grump.

Gotta love those raspberries. 😀

Oooh! I love this face!

There’s that pretty light I’m loving!

This little guy is such a momma’s boy, it’s adorable. I love how sweet they look together.

Terra & Craig’s Wedding

August 8, 2009

Terra is one of my favorite Sales reps at the Times, because she’s so much fun! I was so excited to get the chance to shoot her wedding.  We got so lucky to, I was worried all week we’d have rain, but it turned out to be a gorgeous day.   They had their ceremony at the Quad-Cities Botanical Garden in Moline.

I love the look in his eyes when Craig first lays eyes on Terra! Of course she looked so gorgeous, who could blame him.

They had a sand ceremony during the ceremony with their children, it was so beautiful!

What a cutie!

Then it was off to Oakwood Country Club in Coal Valley.

Doesn’t she look just like a princess!

Some pretty details…


They have some of the cutest kiddos! Cory caught these next few of the kids.

Especially when they’re choking each other, lol. No brides were harmed during this photo session.

Abby & Scott were so much fun, I can’t wait for their wedding next year!

I wanted to share with you the story of how Abby and Scott first met, because it was pretty cute. Abby was going to a Cubs game with some of her family, and Scott was going with quite a few of his friends, and one of them was related to Abby, so it was really just one big group. When they got there, they had a bit of a seating mix up and Scott got stuck sitting next to Abby. Apparently they weren’t too happy about the arrangement (The picture at the top might be a  dramatization of what happened), but it all worked out in the end. So of course when it came time to propose, where else but another Cubs game? I love it!

I shoot in some weird locations, but I’ve never had any weird run-ins with people like we did for this shoot.

First off a friend of mine, Teresa Ousley from Wiz of Oz Photography, was doing a shoot with a bunch of bikers and Sturgis Scooter Girl. I knew about the bikes, but I think we were all a little shocked to turn around and find 10 bikers and a scantily clad scooter girl. Teresa posted some pics on facebook, but they’re definitly not for the timid (and not safe for work).  We did get to borrow a bike for some pictures, so the whole thing worked out great.

After we left Sylvan Island, we headed to some downtown Rock Island areas to use some of the cool buildings. We were there about 5 minutes before someone started shouting out a window to find out what we were doing. A few minutes later, someone walked by & asked to bum a smoke.

Anyways, it all worked out well & we got some great pictures.

That bike was rockin’!

As paybacks for choking her, Abby tried to eat Scott’s nose, tasty!

Catching up some more pictures from two sessions a few weeks ago.

What a cutie!

Carrie & Travis are so sweet together!

Carrie’s got some gorgeous eyes!