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Flooded bridals!

June 16, 2008

This weekend was so much fun! Saturday I assisted at a wedding with Rick Jennisch Photography, I got to work with Rick and his other assistant Felicia, they are both really great photographers and really nice people, so I had a great time! I love shooting weddings for myself, but it was great to get a chance to 2nd shoot again, I really love doing that as well, you kind of get to step back and try some more creative angles. I can’t wait to see all the images from the wedding. 🙂

Sunday I met up with Teresa to try some really different bridal portraits. I’m always on a quest for something different and with all the flooding going on downtown we just had to incorporate it into the photos. We tried some other locations too, but I was really excited about using the flood, how often do you get water covered street signs. I should probably mention that I feel really awful for everyone who has been affected by the flood and I don’t mean to make light of it, it’s just that I can’t resist a cool photo op.

Expect some more shots from this session, I nicknamed Teresa “Wonder woman” because she was scaling buildings and what not, these were definitely “fearless bridals.”

I think I promised more of these a few months ago, but it’s been crazy busy lately. I will have another fun modeling session coming up next month, so keep checking back.


I love that they have a Tolkien quote in their doorway!


A few images from my assistant photographer Shannon:

Some images from my assistant photographer Cory :