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Sometimes I get a super creative kick at 3am when I’m editing photos. 🙂

Saturday I got to go out and shoot Stephanie & Craig’s engagement session, It was the first chance I had to meet Craig, and it was great seeing Stephanie again. They’re both really sweet and a lot of fun to hang out with. Turns out Stephanie & I are both accident prone, so stay tuned for some really bizarre wedding photos in October. Kidding, hopefully.

Aren’t they adorable. 🙂

Girls who ROCK!

July 14, 2008
Don’t let those gorgeous eyes fool you, this girl’s a black belt.

That was probably my favorite picture from the senior portrait session I did with Desiree on Sunday. Her eyes are just gorgeous!

This session was a total blast, I got to catch up with an old friend of mine who was friends with the family, who I hadn’t seen in ages. These ladies were a lot of fun, what can you say when the portrait session starts out with this…

She totally did that all on her own, which is great! I love when people can be themselves and let that come across in their photos. Um, which brings me to this one…

Ok, that was all Desiree, well and maybe a bit of Heather coaxing. 🙂
That was like the hardest picture I’ve ever had to edit, I have like this total eye thing. Ha, ha, but I so had too. Ok, here’s some more from the shoot, enjoy.

Yeah, I know I have a total shoe issue, but I had too. 😀

Props to Mom for pointing out this cool truck we climbed into! Awesome location spotting!

More to come….