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Trick or treat

October 31, 2007

Yesterday was Davenport’s trick or treat night. I took it off work to go out with the kiddies. Usually we wind up buying the ready made costumes, but this year we kind of improvised. Anakin picked out this goofy hat so we came up with the mad hatter costume based off of that.

And Crystal had her outfit picked out for months. We were checking out goodwill for photo props (they have some awesome stuff there on occasion) and she found this cool white “veil” ponytail holder thing, and decided she was going to be a Corpse bride. I was utterly shocked when 3 months later she still wanted to be Corpse bride.

This is the first face she wants to make everytime I break out the camera. Total ham.

Oh and we decided to stick with the Tim Burton theme (because we’re huge fans) and have a “Nightmare before christmas” pumpkin. Here’s Jack.

Jack the pumpkin king - nightmare before christmas

Anyways we had a great time, the kids got a ton of candy, and we’re headed back out tonight for Moline’s Trick or treat with my mom and their kids. Oh speaking of which, my little step brother Stephen went with us yesterday (actually we had a pretty big group of family). He totally scared all the little kids.

Happy Halloween!!


October 15, 2007
I’m so happy it’s fall, I love the leaves falling. We went to an apple orchard this weekend, left the camera at home and just spent most of the day with my kids, it was awesome. 🙂 We had a hayrack ride, and everyone ate a ton of apples. Then yesterday I took the kids out for a portrait session, we decided a bit ago I was going to do their school pictures this year. So we all went down town (even managed to drag Cory with), and found some neat buildings.

school pictures 047 bw

This was my favorite of Crystal, she just looks really cute, and didn’t give me one of her cheesy smiles. 🙂

school pictures 032 vintage

And this is my favorite of Anakin. He wasn’t really into the whole thing, and didn’t want to sit still for me, I think he’s sick of the camera. So I just tried to shoot him doing whatever he wanted.

school pictures 012 vintage
school pictures 036 copy
school pictures 082 copy
Yeah, she struck this pose all on her own, cause she’s a super model. That’s my goofball, she cracks me up. 🙂