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Just a few helpful tips on what to wear & what not to wear and also some make-up tips.

Great ideas

  • A hot little black dress
  • Matching the same color family (light green & darker green) with the same accent or neutral color
  • Jeans with a cute dressy top
  • Fun, colorful accessories (hats, sunglasses, bracelets, necklaces, etc..)
  • Neutral colors with bright accessories
  • Comfortable clothes that you can move around in, jump, dance, have fun in
  • Solid colors or simple patterns, couples, if you're both wearing patterns make sure they don't compete for attention & work well together.
  • Funky shoes (I can't tell you how much I love funky shoes)
  • Couples - try to bring one casual outfit & one dressy outfit to get different looks
  • Seniors - bring a few different outfits, something you wear everyday, something dressier, any kind of sports or other activity uniform, even a prom dress.

Not-so great ideas

  • Identical twin style matching for couples, you don't want to wear exactly the same thing, you'll look more like a brother & sister than a couple
  • Avoid skintight or overly baggy clothing, try to dress for your body type
  • Wild crazy patterns, this can sometimes work, but not usually for couples
  • Too much jewelry, a little goes a long way
  • Sleeveless shirts
  • Low cut blouses or super short skirts

Make-up tips

  • Avoid glitter at all costs, it may look great in person, but in pictures it shows up as ugly green dots
  • Try to keep your make-up natural looking, less is more
  • Avoid wearing too much make up, particularly foundation
  • Avoid bright red lipstick
  • For couple sessions, try to find a kiss-proof lipstick and smudge proof make-up, there will be kissing involved.
  • If you have a blemish, try not to coat on too much cover up, I can easily remove any blemish (no extra charge), but cover-up is more difficult to edit out.

What to bring

  • If you're wearing heals, bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes or flip-flops to wear while we're walking between locations.
  • Bring any fun props that you might want to use
  • Couples, if you have any activity that you both enjoy (sports, games, cowboy hats, whatever), bring some of those props along
  • Seniors, bring any hobby related (sports equipment, musical instruments, your car, etc...) items with for props
  • Bring poster board with "Save the Date", "Thank You", your wedding date or any other message with

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