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Props can help make your wedding and engagement pictures pop
Want a fun accent to your wedding or engagement session pictures? Consider bringing some of these props along for your shoot or including them in your wedding to make your pictures more unique. I've included some links to mostly things I've seen on Esty & liked (I think I could spend weeks on that site), but don't be boxed in, these are just suggestions to get you started. A lot of this would be great if your into DIY too!
  • Signs - There are a ton of possibilities: Vintage Mr. & Mrs. Boards, Bride & Groom signs, spelling out your name (like the photo above), Thank You signs or banners(these are great for your thank you cards later or can be used as on your favor cards), monogram letters, Love, I do (me too, we did), Save the date.
  • Balloons - One big one or lots of little ones.
  • Pinwheels - This has to be my favorite, I'm kind of hoping someone does a whole pinwheel wedding, how cute!
  • Mustaches - Silly, but fun.
  • Picture frames - You could go a few different ways with this, antique/vintage or funky & colorful.
  • Flowers
  • Picnic - Bring blankets, a basket, maybe chairs, whatever. Like Wine? Bring along your favorite bottle to share.
  • Incorporate hobbies - Anything you and your significant other like to do together. Roller skating, tennis, boating (Jackie & John had a cute e-session on a boat), motorcycles, video games, bowling, etc. Avory & Corey make glass jewelry together, so we went to their studio and took a few shots there.
  • Antique furniture - Bring an antique couch or chair out, we could hang some old chandeliers, bird cages, and what not from trees, vintage handkerchiefs on clotheslines.
  • Parasols or Umbrellas - Brightly colored umbrellas or vintage parasols, I've seen some with Thank you, just married or other wedding messages printed on them.
  • Chalk - Sidewalk chalk or a chalkboard, great if either of you have an artistic side!
  • Share an ice cream cone, or a milkshake with two straws.
  • Pets - Bring along your other best friend. Pets can be a bit to handle, so it might be best if we plan to take them back home between locations or have someone pick them up for you.

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