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8x8 Guest Book Album
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Create a guest book that you'll want to take out and look at over & over again. Using images from your engagement session we can create a cherished heirloom.

High quality hardcover albums with designs printed directly onto the high quality semi-gloss pages. The pages are hinged to lay flat while viewing the album.

Book covers available in Black or tan or Chocolate brown fabric; Black, Tan & Red Leathers, or with a custom designed photo cover.

Up to 3 lines of Silver or Gold embossed lettering is available on the Leather covers for an additional $5.99 per line for the first two lines and $2.99 for the 3rd line.

You can select 10 images for a 20 page book or 15 images for a 30 page book, 20 images for a 40 page book, or 25 images for a 50 page book. Every other page will be blank for guests to sign. If you're not sure which images to select you can leave that up to the designer.

You're album layout will be online for your final approval within 30 days of ordering. Once you've approved the design your album will be created and shipped to you in 10-20 days depending on seasonal work flow. A rush can be placed on your order for an additional $20.00
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